Explore the Brilliance of Light Sky F230II: A Remarkable Beam Moving Head

What is in this article?

Light Sky introduces the F230II, a powerful beam moving head that offers exceptional performance and stunning visual effects. Designed with a φ145mm inner lens diameter and equipped with an Osram Sirius (230W) lamp, the F230II delivers uniform and brilliant light spots, creating a mesmerizing lighting experience. Whether you are a professional DJ or an event organizer, the Light Sky F230II beam moving head is the perfect choice for adding excitement and energy to your stage setup. Let’s delve into the remarkable features and capabilities of the Light Sky F230II.

Brilliant visual effects

The Light Sky F230II beam moving head features 8 prisms, 16 double prisms, and prism combinations, allowing you to create captivating and dynamic lighting effects. With a beam angle of 2.5°, this fixture delivers sharp and focused beams that cut through the stage, enhancing the overall visual impact of your performance. The F230II also offers a wide range of colors, including 1 white color and a 14-color wheel, providing you with endless possibilities for creating vibrant and immersive lighting designs.

Convenient control and durability

Equipped with an LCD backlit screen, the Light Sky F230II ensures easy visibility and operation, even under bright sunlight. The fixture supports DMX512 and RDM control modes, giving you seamless integration into your lighting system. With multiple channel options, including 14CH, 16CH, and 16PLUS, you can choose the most suitable control configuration for your specific needs. The F230II is built with heat-proof plastic and module pressing alloy materials, ensuring durability and resistance to UV radiation, high pressure, and aging.


The Light Sky F230II beam moving head is a remarkable lighting fixture that delivers outstanding performance and stunning visual effects. With its brilliant light output, versatile prism options, and convenient control features, the F230II empowers DJs, event organizers, and lighting professionals to create captivating and immersive stage experiences. Light Sky remains committed to providing high-quality lighting solutions at an affordable price. Enhance your stage setup and captivate your audience with the brilliance of the Light Sky F230II beam moving head.