Function of Shine Polymer’s Additives for Polymers: Enhancing Extrusion Efficiency

What is in this article?

Shine Polymer‘s additives for polymers play a crucial role in optimizing the extrusion process, ensuring smoother production and superior-quality end products. Here’s how Shine Polymer’s additives elevate extrusion efficiency:

Reduce Shear Stress to Eliminate Melt Fracture

Shine Polymer’s additives effectively reduce shear stress during extrusion, eliminating melt fracture and ensuring a seamless extrusion process.

Alleviate Die Buildup

By reducing adhesion and friction within the die, Shine Polymer’s additives alleviate die buildup, minimizing downtime and maintenance requirements.

Improve Processability of Low MI Resins

Shine Polymer’s additives enhance the processability of low melt index (MI) resins, facilitating smoother extrusion and improving overall efficiency.

Reduce Gel Counts

With their unique formulation, Shine Polymer’s additives effectively reduce gel counts in the extruded material, resulting in a higher-quality end product.

Reduce Die Pressure

By promoting better flow characteristics, Shine Polymer’s additives help reduce die pressure, leading to improved throughput and energy savings.

Improve Pigment Dispersion

Shine Polymer’s additives enhance pigment dispersion within the polymer matrix, ensuring uniform color distribution and enhancing the visual appeal of the extrudates.

Shorten Color Change

With improved processability and pigment dispersion, color changes are expedited, minimizing downtime and increasing production efficiency.

Improve Surface Gloss of Extrudates

Shine Polymer’s additives contribute to the improved surface gloss of extrudates, enhancing their aesthetics and marketability.


In conclusion, Shine Polymer’s additives for polymers are indispensable for optimizing the extrusion process, reducing downtime, improving efficiency, and enhancing the quality of end products. With their multifaceted benefits, Shine Polymer’s additives drive progress and excellence in the polymer industry.