Blovedream: A Leading Rugged Industrial Tablet Manufacturer

What is in this article?

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial technology, one name stands out as a reliable and innovative leader: Blovedream. This renowned brand has earned its reputation as a rugged industrial tablet manufacturer, offering a range of cutting-edge solutions to meet the demanding needs of various industries. In this article, we delve into the world of Blovedream and explore their exceptional products, including the Blovedream rugged industrial tablet.

A Pioneer in Rugged Industrial Tablets

Blovedream, founded in 2008, has consistently been at the forefront of industrial technology. Their commitment to excellence in crafting rugged industrial tablets has made them a pioneer in this niche. These tablets are engineered to withstand the harshest working conditions, making them the go-to choice for professionals across different sectors.

The Blovedream Rugged Industrial Tablet

When it comes to rugged industrial tablets, the Blovedream lineup stands out for its durability and performance. The Blovedream rugged industrial tablet, like the D801, epitomizes this reputation. With a robust build that can withstand falls of up to 1.2 meters and an IP66 industrial protection rating, it is the ideal choice for challenging environments.

This tablet combines functionality and efficiency with its Octa-core CPU and the Android 13.0 operating system, ensuring smooth operation and energy efficiency. The device supports the scanning of both one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes, guaranteeing accurate data collection for a myriad of applications.

Why Choose Blovedream?

Reliability: Blovedream has consistently delivered rugged industrial tablets that professionals can rely on in challenging environments.

Outstanding Performance: The combination of high-performance CPUs and efficient operating systems in their tablets ensures smooth operation.

Durability: With their robust build and high protection ratings, Blovedream tablets can endure falls, water, and dust, offering longevity.

Innovation: Blovedream is committed to continuous improvement and innovation in their tablet designs.

Customization: The brand understands the unique needs of different industries, offering a range of customizable solutions.


In the realm of rugged industrial tablets, Blovedream has made a name for itself as a reputable manufacturer. Their commitment to excellence and innovation has resulted in products that stand up to the most demanding conditions. The Blovedream rugged industrial tablet, exemplified by the D801, is a testament to their dedication to crafting reliable, high-performance solutions for professionals in various sectors. As industries continue to evolve, Blovedream remains at the forefront, providing durable, efficient, and innovative solutions that empower professionals to excel in their work.