Betting  terms and conditions Policy at New88

What is in this article?

terms and condition New88today provides specific regulations and principles for members to understand. Need to comply when using the service to ensure safety and enjoy all the best member benefits. Let’s find out the detailed content in this article about  terms and conditions policy.

New88  terms and conditions that customers need to understand

After registering for a member account, you need to clearly understand and comply with the  terms and conditions of New88 as follows:

Regulations on participants in betting

Users need to ensure that they are 18 years old or older, have full legal capacity, and can take all responsibility for their actions to register as a member. This is a general regulation of the law as well as the house to ensure a healthy betting environment.

For now, you need to comply terms and condition New88 about participants, providing complete and accurate personal information. The unit will verify each person’s data to prevent fraudulent acts.

 Regulations for participating in betting

 terms and condition New88 regulates players’ betting activities, the following factors should be kept in mind to do so.

  • Bet results will be canceled in case the system detects a player engaging in fraudulent behavior or unusual activities and the bettor cannot prove their innocence.
  • Bets are only considered valid in case the transaction code is displayed on the home page in the history section.
  • Re-betting is not allowed on events that have had officially announced results, as this will be considered a violation.
  • New88 has the right to adjust the odds without notifying members. The player’s task is to continuously access the system to update information promptly and protect their own rights.

 Promotion regulations at New88

 terms and condition related to New88 promotion are regulated as follows:

  • Each player can only participate in the promotion once. If there is any fraudulent behavior or intentional violation for personal gain, the system will handle it strictly. A mild level is a warning and a more serious level can be a withdrawal of the bonus and a permanent freeze of the account.
  • The unit also has the right to adjust the member’s account level based on participation status and attitude. If the system has not been updated yet, you can contact a consultant for timely support and handling.
  • It is necessary to complete the conditions to receive the bonus within 30 days maximum, if the time limit is exceeded the incentive will be revoked by the system.
  • The bookmaker has the right to arbitrarily cancel, change, reserve or suspend reward events and incentives without the member’s consent or approval.

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Player’s Responsibility for New88  terms and conditions

For official members to use the service, it is necessary to comply with the following terms and condition specifically as follows to build a safe and healthy betting platform.

  • When agreeing to register an account, it means that the user has read and agreed to the general regulations of the system and must comply with all established principles.
  • Before confirming registration, you need to read the regulations carefully. If you do not agree, you can stop this operation.
  • Commit to providing personal information during the registration and transaction stages fully, accurately, and consistent with identification documents. Including: full name, phone number, age, email, bank account…
  • If the dealer detects the user is in violation terms and condition In any content provided, the system will refuse to provide services to these individuals.
  • Players need to be responsible for their own betting behavior, including winning and losing results. At the same time, you need to ensure that betting is legal in the country you live in and you are of legal age to play.
  • Comply with all policies given on the system, in any dispute, New88 will have the right to make the final decision. Based on the previous terms and conditions to ensure fairness and benefits for both parties.

In case the player does not comply with the  terms and conditions of New88

For actions that do not comply with the policy, bookmaker New88 will take appropriate measures.

  • Depending on the severity of the violation terms and condition New88, the dealer will have a suitable solution.
  • If the violation affects the reputation and name of New88, the house has the right to request compensation, and the bettor may be held legally responsible.

Above are detailed information about terms and condition New88 launched for its playground. Hopefully betting fans have understood some important rules for safe gaming.