Hanshow’s Dynamic Digital Advertising Displays for Retailers

What is in this article?

In the dynamic world of retail, capturing customers’ attention is essential for success. Hanshow‘s Lumina Edge and Lumina Max series offer innovative digital advertising display solutions that breathe new life into traditional shelf displays. These unique screens transform static and unremarkable shelf edges into vibrant and eye-catching points of sale. In this article, we explore the features and benefits of Hanshow’s Lumina Edge and Lumina Max, showcasing how they revolutionize retail advertising and create impactful in-store experiences.

Lumina Edge: Transforming Shelf Displays

Hanshow’s Lumina Edge series is designed to revitalize shelf displays. With its sleek design and vibrant display, Lumina Edge turns ordinary shelf edges into engaging advertising spaces. Retailers can utilize these digital screens to showcase product information, promotional offers, and eye-catching visuals. By integrating Lumina Edge into their stores, retailers can captivate customers and encourage purchase decisions with visually appealing and dynamic content.

Lumina Max: Power in Large Settings

For retailers with larger display areas, Hanshow offers the Lumina Max series. Designed specifically for large settings, Lumina Max delivers maximum impact with its expansive screen size. Retailers can leverage this impressive digital display to create immersive brand experiences, showcase high-resolution visuals, and communicate key messages effectively. Whether it’s in department stores, shopping malls, or other spacious retail environments, Lumina Max ensures that no opportunity for impactful advertising is missed.


Hanshow’s Lumina Edge and Lumina Max series provide retailers with powerful digital advertising display solutions. By integrating these dynamic displays into their stores, retailers can enhance the overall shopping experience, influence purchase decisions, and drive sales. With Hanshow’s commitment to innovation and quality, Lumina Edge and Lumina Max prove to be invaluable assets for retailers seeking to create impactful in-store advertising and stand out in a crowded marketplace.