Transform Your Outdoor Environment with Light Sky’s High-Quality Waterproof Lights

What is in this article?

With a commitment to quality and innovation, Light Sky delivers lighting solutions that surpass expectations. The AQUABEAM400LL-E series combines advanced features, superior control, and a durable design to provide unmatched performance in any outdoor environment. Experience the reliability and versatility of Light Sky‘s waterproof outdoor lights and transform your outdoor spaces with stunning illumination.

Precise Control and Versatile Pan/Tilt Movement

The AQUABEAM400LL-E waterproof outdoor lights offer precise control and versatile pan/tilt movement capabilities. With a pan range of 540° and tilt range of 270°, these lights allow you to precisely position the beam and cover a wide area. The fine pan/tilt resolution of 2.11°/1.05° ensures smooth and accurate movements, enabling you to create dynamic lighting effects with ease. The pan/tilt speed of 2.9 S/1.2 S provides fast and responsive control for seamless lighting transitions. Control the AQUABEAM400LL-E lights effortlessly using the DMX512 RDM protocol, offering a reliable and efficient control system. With 14 channels as the standard configuration, you have extensive control over various lighting parameters. The lights also support software upgrades via the DMX connector, ensuring future compatibility and feature enhancements.

Intelligent Features and Durable Design

Light Sky’s AQUABEAM400LL-E waterproof outdoor lights boast intelligent features and a robust design. The 2.0-inch color LCD12864 display board provides a user-friendly interface with English/Chinese language options. It records device usage time, displays temperature, channel data, and software version, offering valuable insights for maintenance and monitoring. The display board also includes a record function that tracks lamp usage time and automatically reduces power consumption under full shutter conditions. The non-touch magnetic rotation encoder ensures accurate position memory, maintaining consistent lighting effects. The lights support two-way transmission with the RDM feature, enabling seamless communication and control. The flexible clamps design provides convenience during setup and installation, ensuring secure and hassle-free usage.


Light Sky’s AQUABEAM400LL-E waterproof outdoor lights are the epitome of excellence for outdoor lighting applications. With precise control, versatile pan/tilt movement, and efficient DMX512 RDM control system, these lights offer limitless possibilities for creative illumination. The intelligent features, including the color LCD display board and non-touch magnetic rotation encoder, enhance user experience and enable seamless operation. With an IP54 rating and a durable, anti-UV, and heat-resistant design, these lights ensure reliable performance in any outdoor setting. Transform your outdoor spaces with confidence using Light Sky’s AQUABEAM400LL-E waterproof outdoor lights.