Is Entertainment Earth Legit

Is Entertainment Earth Legit?

What is in this article?

Entertainment Earth is an online retailer that specializes in selling action figures, toys, and other collectibles. They are a highly trusted source for many collectors, but some people have been wondering lately: is Entertainment Earth legit? In this blog post, we will explore the legitimacy of Entertainment Earth. We will look at their customer service, return policy, shipping times, and more. By the end of this post, you should have a clear idea of whether or not Entertainment Earth is a reputable company.

What is Entertainment Earth?

Entertainment Earth is an online retailer that specializes in pop culture collectibles, toys, and memorabilia. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Entertainment Earth has a wide selection of products from various licenses and properties, which makes it a one-stop shop for many collectors and pop culture enthusiasts. The company also offers exclusive items that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

In addition to its online store, Entertainment Earth operates brick-and-mortar retail locations at the San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic Con. The company also participates in various other conventions throughout the year.

History of Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth has been in business since 1996. They are an online retailer that specializes in selling hard-to-find, exclusive, and often licensed merchandise. They have a wide range of items, from action figures to Funko Pops!, and their prices are very competitive.

Their customer service is excellent, and they offer a hassle-free return policy. Shipping is reasonably priced and fast, and they often have sales and discounts available. Overall, Entertainment Earth is a great company to do business with, and I highly recommend them!

Pros and Cons of Shopping with Entertainment Earth

When it comes to online retail, there are a few big names that come to mind. One of those is Entertainment Earth. They’re a reliable source for all things pop culture, whether you’re looking for the latest Funko release or an out-of-print comic book. But is Entertainment Earth legit?

The short answer is yes – Entertainment Earth is a legitimate website and retailer. They’ve been in business since 1996 and have a solid reputation among fans and collectors.

Is Entertainment Earth Legit

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you shop with them. Here are some pros and cons of shopping with Entertainment Earth:


  • A wide selection of products: Entertainment Earth has one of the largest selections of pop culture merchandise on the web. If you’re looking for something specific, chances are they carry it.
  • Competitive prices: They frequently run sales and promotions, so you can usually find items at a discount.
  • They ship worldwide: No matter where you live, you can order from Entertainment Earth and they’ll ship it to you.


  • There may be import fees: If you live outside of the US, there may be additional fees when your order arrives due to customs and import taxes.
  • Shipping times can vary: depending on your location, shipping times can take up to a couple of weeks. So if you need something right away,

Is Entertainment Earth Legit?

Entertainment Earth is a website that sells pop culture merchandise. They have a wide variety of items, ranging from Funko POP! Vinyl Figures to Star Wars collectibles. They are a reputable company with a good reputation. I have never had any problems with them and their customer service is excellent. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for pop culture merchandise.

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After reading this article, you should now have a good idea of whether or not Entertainment Earth is a legit company. From our research, it appears that they are a legitimate business with positive customer reviews. However, as with any online purchase, there is always some risk involved. We recommend that you take the time to read through their policies and procedures before making a purchase to ensure that you are comfortable with their process.

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