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5 Businesses That Has a Significant Demand for Soy Protein

What is in this article?

The global soy market is fast growing due to rising demand and production. The market has new players, mainly manufacturing and using soy for other finished products. The demand for soy is also due to its nutritional benefits, mainly as one of the leading global protein sources. 

As global soy protein production increases, it also leads to new businesses or increased demand for existing ones. Soy is also a versatile crop, meaning it has different uses hence suitability for various businesses and industries. It is expanding beyond the human and animal food markets and venturing into new areas such as sustainability businesses. Here are some leading businesses that demand soy protein.   

soy foods

1. Soy supplements 

The supplement market is fast growing as many are turning to supplements to meet the nutritional deficiency gaps. One of the leading supplements currently in high demand is protein supplements. Instead of buying protein-oriented pills and boosters, many are shifting to organic products to boost protein concentration. They leave no chemicals in the body and can be an ideal source of large protein concentrations at once.  

2. Infant food businesses and market 

Recently, the global baby product industry experienced severe shortages due to logistic issues, but the more significant problem was the shortage of raw materials. Correcting such challenges will require a crop with consistent production capacity. According to the U.S. Soy News, global soy production is increasing, making other industries shift to focus on soy as a primary raw material.  

There are different companies currently using it for other baby products. It has a higher protein, vitamin, and mineral concentration, making it suitable for supporting the growth and development of kids. One of the products currently using soy is the baby formula to boost the protein levels of the baby.  

It is a reliable source of omega, fatty acids, and other products suitable for promoting brain functionality in babies hence promoting maturity. In the future, the infant food industry will likely rely on soy as the primary source of protein as other sources are becoming less reliable, or the products have declining protein quality. The increased usage is also supported by studies proposing using different soy products for babies and making it one of the essentials in their balanced diet and nutrition routine.  

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3. Meat alternatives  

Many people are currently considering vegetarianism as an ideal option to avoid meat. For some, the shift is due to lactose intolerance issues; hence, people can rely on soy milk to replace dairy milk. Currently, there are different soy products, including yogurts, for lactose-intolerant individuals. It has a similar protein concentration to dairy milk, surpassing other plant milk sources. 

The second reason is global warming concerns. Studies currently indicate that animal farming contributes to global warming; hence one of the ways to reduce its effects is to resolve for animal protein alternatives to lessen the production pressure on the sector. This is a global concern; hence the meat alternatives sector is ramping up plant and insect protein production. Soy is the lead in contributing to sustainability and an ideal source of protein in meat alternatives. 

soy protein

4. Animal feeds 

The USA is one of the leading producers of soy; however, a more significant percentage of US soy is going towards the manufacture of animal feed, and so is the soy from Mexico. Soy has nutritional benefits for various animal products, especially the younger ones and dairy cattle for milk. Various studies indicate that it has numerous benefits for animal nutrition.   

Soy is needed for animal farming because it is a cheaper alternative to the expensive proteins processed by different companies. The protein concentration is high, making it an ideal feed for farms such as chicken farms to facilitate the growth and development of young chicks and other animals.  

It can also be used in raw forms, such as farmers feeding raw soybeans to dairy cattle to boost the milk quality suitable for calves and human consumption. There are also other products for the beef rearing companies. Currently, the market is expanding to include soy for pets. Soy is integrated into different animal treats to feed younger pets to help them with brain development and overall body growth and development.  

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5. Bio fuels businesses and sustainable companies 

As the world continues to pursue the best alternatives to fossil fuels, biofuels are becoming one of the best alternatives. Various experiments and research are conducted to test different crops and products for their energy capabilities. So far, corn is the leading source of biofuels; soy is becoming one of the reliable crops for biofuels. As the global race to become sustainable continues, soy is one of the promising products to help the world fight global warming and go green.  

Soy has great potential to contribute to the future of global energy and fuel production. This is one of the sectors leading in terms of soy demand. Currently, the demand is low as the world transitions slowly to renewable energy; however, in the future, soy biofuel energy will power machines that cannot fully electrify, such as planes, ships, power production generators, etc. As the production level rises, there is also an increased possibility of the energy sector increasing its production needs by benefiting from soy as a corn replacement or supplement.  


The global demand for soy is rising due to the various businesses that depend on soy protein. These businesses mainly focus on boosting animal and human protein demands and needs. In the future, the world should expect more business as studies continue to discover more benefits of soy.