3 Best Tips to Reduce Creatinine Levels in the Body

What is in this article?

The cycle of life is supported by every body part. To continue the cycle, the body uses every part of it. Some parts continuously work and some work when needed. When you (your body) use muscle, there is a production of a waste product. We call this waste product creatinine.

In addition to using the muscles, if a person uses a small amount of protein regularly, then the body may also produce this organic compound. Where does this creatinine go when the muscle or increased amount of protein levels produce it? According to the best nephrologist, after its production, the bloodstream transfers it to the kidneys.

When creatinine reaches the kidneys, the process of kidney functioning begins. Then the body with the help of the kidneys filters this out through the urine. But what if the kidneys don’t function properly? The results will be quite obvious that creatinine levels would tend to increase in the body and will cause health conditions.

Common people ask about how they will come to know whether creatinine levels are high or not. Usually, a person on his own will not come to know whether his creatinine levels or high or low. A healthcare specialist always performs this duty and checks your blood to check the levels.

Additionally, some healthcare providers can also examine your urine to evaluate if your kidneys are performing their duty or not. If your creatinine levels are normal or healthy then there is no cause for concern for you.

However, if creatinine crosses the normal level, you will need to be cautious immediately. Otherwise, creatinine high levels will open the door to many health conditions. Healthy creatinine levels depend on many things such as age, gender, as well as body size.

Tips to Reduce Creatinine Levels

Checking creatinine levels after some time every year is important. Because if there are abnormal creatinine levels for some months then it may indicate an underlying kidney condition. You will badly need to check your creatinine levels immediately if some symptoms are continuously appearing in your body.

For instance, if changes in the urine appear, whether the urine becomes foamy or bloody, you have to check your creatinine levels. Some other symptoms such as swelling of the ankles or muscle cramps can also be worrying conditions to check creatinine levels.

Additionally, your kidney specialist or pharmacist can also recommend regular testing of creatinine levels in the body if you are experiencing the following conditions:

  • If your family has a history of kidney problems
  • Any type of diabetes
  • Autoimmune problems
  • If the kidneys catch bacterial infections
  • If there is a blockage in the urinary tract
  • Thyroid problems

Continuous examination of creatinine levels will help in maintaining health. However, if your creatinine levels are high, then following a diet along with taking medications will be effective in reducing creatinine levels.

1- Avoid Supplements of Creatinine

A natural compound that the liver makes naturally without external intervention is creatine. After its production, the liver transfers it to the muscles and the muscles use this natural compound for energy. When the muscles use creatine it gets another form and degraded itself into creatinine which is also a byproduct.

If the body is healthy then it will take care of this natural compound without much trouble. But in another case, the situation will get worsen. 

However, creatine is also available in the form of supplements. Some people, especially athletes regularly use these supplements to bring an improvement in their performance. The shocking point is that creatine supplements effectively increase the athlete’s energy.

Nephrologists believe that creatine is widely studied; therefore, researchers need to conduct long-term studies on this natural compound.

2- Minimize Your Protein Intake

As mentioned above, increased consumption of protein in people can increase creatinine levels. Though, some nephrologists believe the increase in creatinine levels caused by increased consumption of protein is not permanent. But the point is that protein can cause an increase in its levels.

Additionally, when we narrow down the products that contain protein in higher amounts, cooked red meat is at the top. This meat, perhaps, affects creatinine levels more than anything. Naturally, there is a presence of creatine in the meat and when we cook meat, the heat transfers creatine into creatinine.

Nephrologists say that patients with high creatinine levels visit there daily. And when we diagnose the reason behind increased levels, then we come to know that foods of high protein are significantly increasing creatinine levels.

3- Eat More Fiber

There will be more studies in the future that will show the efficacy of fiber in reducing creatinine levels. If kidney patients regularly increase their consumption of fiber from different sources there can be a reduction in creatinine levels. 

Some sources such as legumes and vegetables can effectively increase fiber levels in the body.